Praise for dr do good In-shower moisturiser

We've been reached out to a number of leading beauty and fitness bloggers to get their impressions of the dr do good in-shower moisturiser.

We've received some great feedback, with bloggers loving the way dr do good leaves their skin feeling soft and smooth in no time at all!

Dr do good has received a glowing review from The Art of Healthy Living, leaving reviewer Becky with fresh, hydrated skin after her intense H.I.T.T. workout. She found dr do good's citrusy scent a pleasant surprise, especially as it didn't linger or mix with her shower gel.

We've also heard from Abbey who's loving our in-shower moisturiser. She loves the way that dr do good allows her to moisturise in no time at all, meaning she can moisturise daily without taking time out of her schedule.

You can read her review here.

Stay tuned for more reviews of dr do good here. If you're a blogger and would like to try dr do good, why not get in touch?