Activate Products Ltd was established in 2013, founded by two postgraduate students from London, with an ambition to ‘do good’ through the introduction of healthy solutions for fitness focused and time sensitive individuals.

The idea for the dr do good in-shower moisturiser came to them while balancing their demanding full time jobs and exercise routines with their post-graduate university studies, leaving precious little time to take care of their skin in their post-workout routines.

After realising this was a common problem among other people leading busy, hectic lives, they began looking at ways to make it quicker and easier to maintain great skin.

Together they developed the dr do good in-shower moisturiser - the first in-shower moisturiser to be accredited by the SHA - which significantly speeds up the necessary process to achieve healthy, youthful skin.

The vision of dr. do good is to be the leading sports cosmetics brand, using natural and healthy ingredients that promote good skin care.

The company values wellbeing, natural ingredients and doing good causes.

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